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With a heritage of 80 years and dedication to children’s health for over 50 years, Pentavite has accompanied several generations of growth in Australia and is trusted by Australian parents.

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Brand founded on October 5, 1940. Penta-vite was founded by the Nicholas family company in Australia with adult and children multivitamins

The original Pentavite liquid - This photograph of Pentavite Infant Formula is currently archived at Museums Victoria in Victoria, Australia. It is likely to have been bought to feed an infant named William Boyd who was born in 1947.


Packaging during the Nicholas Period - Penta-vite products in the early days included infant formula, childrens syrup and adult vitamin capsules.

Advertising: Penta-vite started educating consumers about its knowledge of childrens nutrition in newspapers and magazines, and released various types of ads.


In 1991, Roche, a global fortune 500 company, acquired all Nicholas brands' owned by Sara Lee (Sara Lee acquired Nicholas Pty Ltd in 1986). After that, Penta-vite became Roche's childrens multivitamin brand. Roche is a pharmaceutical giant with more than 120 years history. In addition to Penta-vite Multivitamin infant liquid, Roche expanded the Penta-vite product portfolio to include Multivitamin Chewable tablets (2-12 years old), and Multivitamin and Iron Kids Liquid (1-12 years old).

Packaging during the Roche period: Products during the Roche period included: Multivitamin Infant Liquid, Multiviamin Chewable Tablet (2-12 years) and Multivitamin and Iron Kids Liquid (1-12 years). The brand logo and packaging changed significantly since the brand was owned by Nicholas and laid the foundation for the logo design for the next 20 years.

Index Nomimum: With a history of 40 years, this index provides the international pharmaceutical market with standard references on drugs, brand names, and therapeutic substances. Penta-vite Chewable Vitamin C (belonging to Roche Australia) was mentioned in an article published in this journal. Penta-vite was recognised as a drug product by the International medical field during this time.

2018 - 2019

Pentavite was acquired by ByHealth, a global leading brand of vitamin and dietary supplements. 2018, Pentavite Pty Ltd was founded.

Pentavite underwent a major brand refresh with updated branding and packaging. The product range was expanded to calcium, DHA, dietary fibre, and immune support products across new formatssuch as powders and capsules.


Pentavite initially entered the China market through its flagship store on the Tmall CBEC platform, to bring Australian made products to Chinese consumers. Application for the Chinese trademark  自然维他 has been officially submitted in China. Pentavite has since developed a new range of 7 globally produced products includes Lactoferrin powder, Lactase powder, Multivitamin Gummies, Milk Calcium Gummies and Algal Oil DHA Gummies launching in China's baby store channel. In Pentavite's 80th anniversary, a new global manufacturing site of dietary supplements will be undergoing contruction in Melbourne Australia.  

 Launched a new range of kids chewables.

No.1 liquid multivitamin brand for children in Australia

We are committed to developing products with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and educating kids and families on healthy eating and nutrition. We want kids to have the right education about nutrition in childhood to stay with them for life.